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Products we use!

People often ask us what kind of products and equipment we use in our tanks or recommend. Below is a list of products we have used and can recommend!

You Can find links to most of these products here:



40 Breeders, 75 Gallon, 20 Gallons, vases, jars.  -Basically anywhere we can find great deals(= Especially the PETCO Dollar Per Gallon Sale!


Finnex 24/7 SE

Finnex Ray 2 

Finnex Planted Plus 

BML XB 10k - No longer sold, but you can find them on BST pages


Eheim Cannister Filters (2213, 2215, 2217) 

Finnex PF-5


Seachem Prime 

Thrive Liquid Fertilizer

Nilocg Dry Fertilizer

 Other Equipment:

 Python Water Changer 

Plant Scissors