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Alternanthera Reineckii Mini

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Alternanthera Reineckii Mini

Growth Rate- Medium

Light Requirements- (Low-Medium-High)

Co2- Not Required


Alternanthera Reineckii Mini is very similar to normal alternanthera reineckii except it has much more compact growth making it great for smaller tanks or as a foreground or mid-ground plant. The mini grows to about 6" in height. This plant benefits from root feeding. Some root tabs or nutrient rich substrate really help it to reach its potential. It can be grown in lower light conditions, growth will just be much slower and the color will be different hues of red or pink.


These are sold as a small plant each being about 3". You will receive one plant per 1 quantity ordered. 


Disclaimer- Plants could contain hitchhikers such as Red Cherry Shrimp, Blue Dream Shrimp, snails, duckweed, moss. I do my best to remove these before shipment, but it is always a possibility that some could come with plants. If this is a concern, please dip them before putting them in your aquarium.