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Dwarf Baby Tears (cuba, Hemianthus Cuba, pear grass or HC)

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Dwarf Baby Tears (cuba, Hemianthus Cuba, pear grass or HC)

Growth Rate- Medium

Light Requirements- (High)

Co2- Preferred


A dwarf baby tear is a very popular aquarium plant which is also known as cuba, Hemianthus Cuba, pear grass or HC. It is commonly used as a foreground or carpeting plant in planted aquariums. It is slow to moderate growing plant and it originates from East Havana in Cuba. It is currently the smallest carpeting plant and is available for aquascaping. In wild it occurs in rocky rivers during the dry season.  This species form a dense, bright green carpet over the entire aquarium substrate under optimal conditions.  Its popularity is increasing day by day among the aquarium enthusiasts due to their very small leaves and gorgeous bright green coloration.


Dwarf baby tear is one of the world’s smallest and popular aquarium plants. It is bright green in color and grows up to 3 cm long and spreads up to 10 cm horizontally. The leaves are only around a millimeters in size which make it a perfect plant for nano aquarium. It is an excellent foreground plant that can easily spread to form a thick mat in the aquarium bottom. If it is planted in small clumps a few centimeters apart, it can spread rapidly and cover the bottom like a carpet. It requires relatively high light and CO2 requirements to grow well in an aquarium. It grows well in good water quality with pH of 5.0-7.50, hardness of 4-5 dGH and the temperature of 68-820 F. Under suitable condition this plant produces oxygen bubble known as perling. It makes a very attractive feature when the lights are on and reflecting off the bubbles. Dwarf Baby Tears provide an ideal environment for spawning fish to lay their eggs. It is also ideal for shrimp tanks. This plant bears very fine leaves and stem which gives this plant a delicate appeal. This plant is very good to reduce algae growth and improve the clarity of the water in your aquarium.  This plant is good for filling in tight spaces in your aquascape. This plant can also be used to fill in crevices between rocks or driftwoods.


These are sold as a 2"x 2", 3"x 5" portions. You receive one portion quantity ordered.


Source of information: http://aquaticmag.com/


Disclaimer- Plants could contain hitchhikers such as Red Cherry Shrimp, Blue Dream Shrimp, snails, duckweed, moss, minor algae. I do my best to remove these before shipment, but it is always a possibility that some could come with plants. If this is a concern, please dip them before putting them in your aquarium.