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Limnophila Aromatica Mini

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Limnophila Aromatica Mini

Growth Rate- Medium

Light Requirements- (Medium-High)

Co2- Preferred- Not Required


Limnophila Aromatica Mini is a beautiful plant. It is much like the full size limnophila aromatica, even producing the same pleasant scent, but with much more compact growth. This plant can produce red and orange hues on the top leaves in stronger lighting. It has serrated edges that give a great texture look. Works well as a bush or background plant. 


These are sold as a 4"+ stem. You receive one stem per 1 quantity ordered. 


Disclaimer- Plants could contain hitchhikers such as Red Cherry Shrimp, Blue Dream Shrimp, snails, duckweed, moss. I do my best to remove these before shipment, but it is always a possibility that some could come with plants. If this is a concern, please dip them before putting them in your aquarium. 

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